The start of everything

In 1985 Mei was just about to brothers, Marcello and Lorenzo Mei, starting to produce industrial valves. For the Italian market at first and then for the world one. They didn’t begin inside a garage, but their office was more or less that big.

The first goal

Led by ambition and entrepreneurial spirit, the production became bigger and bigger, and in 2001 Mei became officialy an s.r.l.

We started growing

Some years later, Luca and Martina, Lorenzo’s sons, joined the team, bringing a big mission for the company: become the international reference point in the valves industry.

Dreams became reality

Today Mei is an innovative industrial vales productor, but also a place of expert advisors, artisans and engineers, innovators, forever linked to Mei’s tradition. But even if what was just a dream became the company of today, Mei still challenges itself by improving day by day.

To be continued

Improving sustanibility is Mei’s first aim: during the years, the industrial valves production welcomed greener tecniques and materials, and the next step will be to invest in energy-efficient machines. To automize is the second goal: Mei studies everyday new solutions to innovate the production processes, make them smarter and in step with the industry needs.

"Having an idea is a good thing. But it’s even better to know how to take it forward." - Henry Ford

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